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Every family's needs are unique...

Whether requesting complete move management services or just some assistance getting started with a specific phase, we are here to help!  Maybe it's not time to move yet, but you need to de-clutter.  Maybe long distance help from family is too difficult with others' schedules and commitments.

Call a local, caring Family Friend to aid the transition process.


Our Services Include:

  • Sort a room, closet, attic, or your entire home
  • Whether organizing decades of stored items or simply wanting to rid yourself of clutter, we have a service to meet your needs
  • Help you evaluate what you would like to personally keep for your new location
  • Designate allocation of remaining items:
    • distribute and ship to share​ with family members (prepare and pack)
    • sell for profitable liquidation (inventory for consignment  or estate sale)
    • donate and obtain tax receipts (pack for charity or arrange hauling/removal) 
    • make recommendations of contacts for auction locations, antique dealers, etc.
Plan your Space
  • Consider old and new spaces when planning for furniture retention
  • Use magnetic floor planning boards to customize a floor plan for the new residence that incorporates as many of your current belongings as possible
  • Assist with interior design planning/purchases if new furnishings are needed


  • Provide packaging materials, boxes, and supplies at cost
  • Professionally prepare your belongings for relocation 

Move Management

  • Develop a comprehensive moving plan and time table
  • Present and view new residence options based on individual preferences and location 
  • Provide professional moving company options and obtain quotes  
  • Introduce real estate professionals to assist in selling old residence
  • Facilitate movers on moving day and oversee delivery and placement of items

Unpack / Resettle in new home

  • Remove all packing materials, leaving walkways safe and clutter-free
  • Arrange new home with your preferred layout in a timely manner for immediate occupancy
  • Setup kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, wall hangings, electronics connections, etc. for ease of use and immediate occupancy
Post-move Cleanup
  • Remove unwanted belongings from old residence after the move is complete
  • Clean old residence in preparation for sale to increase buyers' interest 
  • If selling, stage for showing to create maximum appeal 

Additional Services available to aid your life's transition

  • Communicate with out-of-town family members to coordinate as instructed by client
  • Create memory album(s) of personal and family collectibles
  • Update change of address for utilities, subscriptions, Social Security, etc. 
  • Arrange for temporary storage if needed while in transition
  • Oversee professional contractor or remodeling projects required to sell the home
  • Assist with necessary communication for house closings at both old and new residences
  • Any other individualized needs that may arise with your life transition

Contact us for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your specific situation and discuss how A Family Friend can help make this a stress-free transition 

for you and your extended family.

What our customers are saying...

" My schedule and physical ability did not permit me to assist my mother with her Central Florida move from a house to a condo.  Roslyn was a blessing to have helped make this happen.  They were fast, flexible, efficient, and helped all the details come together.  Their coordination with the antique dealer also helped my mother feel good in getting reimbursed for her more valuable relics. "

Kelly M.  - Daughter of Client

"Roslyn took on a transition move for one of my clients. She made the process very seamless and comforting, which was really helpful in relieving the stress of this out of town move. 

 It was a one stop shop for me. Thank you for all of your help!"

Suzy B. - Owner of "Consider it Done"

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